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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
24-25 SPE Special Education Teacher, Resource06/20/2024ProfessionalSpeegleville ElementaryApply
24-25 SBE Instructional Assistant06/20/2024Support StaffSouth Bosque ElementaryApply
24-25 SPE Instructional Assistant06/20/2024Support StaffSpeegleville ElementaryApply
24-25 CCE Special Education Assistant, IBIS06/18/2024Support StaffCastleman Creek ElementaryApply
24-25 ISO Behavior Specialist06/18/2024Non Instructional ProfessionalInstructional ServicesApply
24-25 RVMS CTE Engineering Teacher06/18/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 MMS Health / Panther Pathways Teacher06/13/2024ProfessionalMidway Middle SchoolApply
24-25 RVMS English Teacher06/12/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 ISO Evaluation Specialist - Diagnostician, Part Time06/11/2024ProfessionalInstructional ServicesApply
24-25 MHS CTE Business Teacher06/11/2024ProfessionalMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 MHS English / Basketball Coach06/10/2024ProfessionalMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 MMS Social Studies Teacher / Coach06/10/2024ProfessionalMidway Middle SchoolApply
24-25 SVE Behavior Coach06/10/2024ProfessionalSpring Valley ElementaryApply
24-25 RVMS Instructional Assistant06/06/2024Support StaffRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 MHS Science / Girls Coach06/05/2024ProfessionalMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 CCE Teaching Assistant - Physical Education06/04/2024Support StaffCastleman Creek ElementaryApply
24-25 PHE Instructional Assistant, PK406/04/2024Support StaffPark Hill ElementaryApply
24-25 RVMS Teacher Head Choir Director06/03/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 MMS Special Education Teacher, Co-Teach05/31/2024ProfessionalMidway Middle SchoolApply
24-25 SBE Special Education Assistant, ADC05/30/2024Support StaffSouth Bosque ElementaryApply
24-25 MMS English Teacher05/29/2024ProfessionalMidway Middle SchoolApply
24-25 Elementary ESL Facilitator05/28/2024ProfessionalMidway ISD AdministrationApply
24-25 RVMS Special Education Teacher, Co-Teach05/24/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
23-24 Campus Safety Specialist, Secondary05/24/2024ProfessionalMidway ISD AdministrationApply
23-24 Campus Safety Specialist, Elementary05/24/2024ProfessionalMidway ISD AdministrationApply
24-25 MHS Security Guard05/24/2024Support StaffMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 SVE Special Education Teacher, Resource05/24/2024ProfessionalSpring Valley ElementaryApply
24-25 Child Nutrition Manager, Middle School05/24/2024Food ServiceFood ServiceApply
24-25 ISO Occupational Therapist05/23/2024Non Instructional ProfessionalInstructional ServicesApply
24-25 ISO Special Populations Clerk05/23/2024ClericalInstructional ServicesApply
24-25 PHE Special Education Teacher, ADC05/23/2024ProfessionalPark Hill ElementaryApply
24-25 CPE Special Education Teacher, ADC05/22/2024ProfessionalChapel Park ElementaryApply
24-25 ISO Occupational Therapy Assistant05/21/2024Support StaffInstructional ServicesApply
24-25 MHS Special Education Teacher, Co-Teach05/20/2024ProfessionalMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 PHE Special Education Assistant, IBIS05/14/2024Support StaffPark Hill ElementaryApply
24-25 CPE Special Education Assistant, IBIS05/10/2024Support StaffChapel Park ElementaryApply
24-25 CPE Special Education Assistant, ADC05/10/2024Support StaffChapel Park ElementaryApply
24-25 RVMS Special Education Self-Contained Teacher, FAC05/09/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 CPE Instructional Assistant05/03/2024Support StaffChapel Park ElementaryApply
24-25 MHS Special Education Assistant, FAC05/03/2024Support StaffMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 CPE Special Education Teacher, ECSE05/02/2024ProfessionalChapel Park ElementaryApply
23-24 TR Transportation Specialist05/02/2024Support StaffTransportationApply
24-25 MHS Foreign Language Teacher, Spanish05/02/2024ProfessionalMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 MHS Campus Technology Support, Secondary05/02/2024Support StaffMidway High SchoolApply
24-25 CPE 5th Grade Teacher04/30/2024ProfessionalChapel Park ElementaryApply
24-25 RVMS Special Education Self-Contained Teacher, ADC04/30/2024ProfessionalRiver Valley Middle SchoolApply
24-25 PHE Campus Tech Support, Elementary04/22/2024Support StaffPark Hill ElementaryApply
24-25 DAEP Teacher04/19/2024ProfessionalHorizonsApply
24-25 WWE Special Education Assistant, IBIS04/18/2024Support StaffWoodway ElementaryApply
24-25 WWE Special Education Assistant / Certified Nursing Assistant04/04/2024Support StaffWoodway ElementaryApply